FM16 Pentagon: Hopefully It’s Our Time Up Here, Too


The friendlies are a little misleading, as the first three matches were against generally close opposition (two teams from the division we just came up from, and one from our current division) while the rest were against lower-than-playable teams. The wins and goals are still good for morale, especially since several of the players have been nervous with all the transfer activity.  Continue reading “FM16 Pentagon: Hopefully It’s Our Time Up Here, Too”


FM16 Pentagon: Down Here, It’s Our Time


Three matches. That’s all that stands between an unqualified German lad and the immortal greatness of being champion of the South African second tier. First, home to Witbank Spurs who sit three points above the drop zone. In a cruel twist of fate, not only do we play away to Chippa on the final day, the remaining match in between is away to the other team in the top three.

There’s still plenty of hope. We beat both Chippa and Ga-Rankuwa earlier in the season, and were unlucky to draw with a poor Spurs. Closing out the season with back to back away matches to 2nd and 3rd is about as tough as it gets.

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FM16 Pentagon: Hey Now, You’re A Cape Town All Star


We pick up the story with three matches left to play in the season. Ngobeni’s brace grabbed us the easy three points from Highlands Park before we welcomed Baroka FC, the team who had so cheerfully just knocked us out of the cub. We struggled with them again, but the biggest news of the match is that Nangombe picked up another injury and is out of action for six to seven weeks. (Un?)Fortunately I wasn’t able to unload any players during the window, with the exception of a reserve central mid agreeing to a contract elsewhere at the end of the season. Having two of last season’s league leaders in scoring to step in hardly counts as a tragedy.  Continue reading “FM16 Pentagon: Hey Now, You’re A Cape Town All Star”

FM16 Pentagon: Expect…The Unexpected


While not quite as dominant as our preseason, the first part of our season has gone about as well as I could have possibly hoped. Chippa United came out of the gates completely on fire and shot to the top immediately. I’m not even sure that “on fire” is a strong enough phrase. Over the offseason, I had managed to pull together a squad that went the first ten matches of the season unbeaten and only once gave up more than one goal. Only twice did we drop points, and even then only in goalless draws. Those were points that we had given up on our own; both matches featured plenty of wasted chances from our forwards.

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FM16 Pentagon: Forward, Unto the South African Second Tier!

Cape Town All Stars 2016/17

South African National First Division



As you can see, I’ve been quite the busy little (Africanized killer)bee this summer. The club really was in a state when I arrived, with some positions four or five players deep and some (ahem, like DM, which is vital to the tactics I want to use) with no one even remotely capable of performing.

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FM16 Pentagon: Not All Beaches Are Warm


We head into the final game of the season sitting 2 points outside of the playoff places. Before we get to that, let’s take a quick review of the 12 matches since I took over.

I had an extremely rough start to life at the club. I was experimenting with a few tactical options and just couldn’t get the attack firing at all. My first win came in the cup, although it was hardly a match to be proud of. African All Stars are from the lower leagues, and we only won thanks to two goals right in the dying moments of the match. The second round of the cup start off brilliantly, but the team fell apart after halftime and allowed two goals to force extra time. Both teams were completely exhausted and penalties felt imminent almost from the first kick of the added periods. We made a complete sham of the shootout, only scoring once the entire time. Something had to change.

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FM16 Pentagon: The Winds of Change Blow Cold In Sweden


Good to see my prediction skill is higher than my coaching skills. An undefeated run through the last four matches saw us pick up eight points and finish seventh in the table. Picking up a win over the eventual champions Ytterby felt like a real accomplishment even though we only ended up mid table.

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FM16 Pentagon: An Inkling of Greatness, But Just The One


I have to say that we’ve had a pretty good start to life in Sweden. The first three matches in charge saw us double the win total for the season. Losing by a single goal to the league leaders didn’t hurt all that badly, although we let it trip us up right when we really could have made a climb up the table. The intimidatingly named Angered United were third in the table when we faced them, and handed us another narrow loss that we honestly didn’t deserve. Coming off the back of two wins in a row, we’ve hit the magical number of points needed for safety, at least according to the small time Swedish media. Continue reading “FM16 Pentagon: An Inkling of Greatness, But Just The One”

FM16 Pentagon: Why Not Make The First Job As Confusing As Possible?


Assyriska BK
Swedish 4th Division


Assyriska BK is a Swedish football club based in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg. The club was formed in 1985 by Assyrian immigrants and is currently playing in Division 2 Västra Götaland which is the fourth tier of Swedish football. They play their home matches at Ruddalens IP in Västra Frölunda. Assyriska BK are affiliated to the Göteborgs Fotbollförbund. Continue reading “FM16 Pentagon: Why Not Make The First Job As Confusing As Possible?”