FM16 Pentagon: Why Not Make The First Job As Confusing As Possible?


Assyriska BK
Swedish 4th Division


Assyriska BK is a Swedish football club based in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg. The club was formed in 1985 by Assyrian immigrants and is currently playing in Division 2 Västra Götaland which is the fourth tier of Swedish football. They play their home matches at Ruddalens IP in Västra Frölunda. Assyriska BK are affiliated to the Göteborgs Fotbollförbund.

The Assyrians who had settled in Gothenburg formed in 1976 the football club Göteborgs Assyriska Idrottsförening (GAIF) that was attached to the Assyriska Mesopotamiska Association in Gothenburg. Later on they merged the football activity in Gothenburg and formed in 1979 Hujådå (union) IF. After a couple years of football experience they formed in 1985 Assyriska BK (ABK) as a sports division of the Assyriska Mesopotamiska Association in Gothenburg. In connection with the formation of the Assyriska District in Gothenburg 1989, ABK was reformed into an independent association. ABK was formed with the objective of promoting their sporting interests in the Assyrian Association in Gothenburg. The club has its base within the Assyriska Association of Västra Frölunda with over 1,000 members. Since their foundation Assyriska BK has participated mainly in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system. Over the years the club has expanded and has today several youth teams.

Our young German has somehow found himself in charge of a Swedish club founded and run by Assyrian immigrants. Nothing like a double culture shock to start your managerial career off right  A marathon day of driving leaves Werner at Ruddalens IP, his new home.


Well, there’s grass, that’s a plus. Let’s take a closer look at the club that will kickstart the march to glory.



The situation gets better and better. Exactly midway through the season and the club is two points above the danger zone. The fact that our goal difference is dead even when the other three clubs below us are well into the negative may be one of the only things that gives me hope. The squad is very hit and miss, although the shortage of any talent between the goalposts worries me the most. There’s not a penny in the transfer bank and the same wealth carries over to the wage budget. The transfer window opens in a week or so, but real magic will be needed on my part to make anything happen.

My first match in charge is in fact not more than a few hours after I’ve arrived. Before we go right into the action, let’s take a look at a few of the faces who will be helping Werner take the first step on the road to immortality.

Ronny Edlund – Right Back

ronnyedlundRonny is one of the brightest talents at the club, at least according to my assistant manager who doubles as the clubs worst striker. If nothing else he’s got a silly amount of pace for this level. This is the Swedish fourth tier after all, “run past everyone and blast a cross in” might just work.

Donaldo Cardoso – Center Mid/Center Back

donaldocardosoDonaldo adds yet another twist to this strange club. You see, Cardoso hails from Cape Verde. How he found his way to an Assyrian club in Sweden is beyond me. Strange life stories aside, his gleaming head provides much needed quality in the middle of the park.

Thomas Schreiber – Chief Scout

thomasscheiberOne of the only staff members I could bring in myself, our fellow countryman also shares Werner’s love of outdated hairstyles. Along with two other scouts I hired, he was about the only person available that had enough ability to even tell what position a player was in. I’m relying on the power of his sideburns to find some real hidden (read: cheap) gems.

Next time, we’ll see what happens when you take charge of your first match before you even have a chance to get your bags out of the car.



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