FM16: The Pentagon is Experimenting with Alternate Reality

Despite the title of this blog, it is about a long and hilarious footballing journey. I assure you that when I do wear a hat, it is made of fabric and not of tin foil.

It’s about time I got back to FM blogging. I’ve had all sorts of craziness in my personal life which has kept me from blogging about (and for long periods, playing) FM. Now it’s time for that to change. I have been playing a one team save on FM16 with Northampton Town that is going well and in fact has been quite dramatic. In a horrible lack of foresight, I didn’t take any screenshots along the way and now it’s into the fifth season. Without being able to see the journey so far, the connection wouldn’t be there and it just wouldn’t work to start blogging about it now.

Which means that I needed to make a new save to blog about. I really like writing about a journeyman save, but usually if I do a save just as a plain journeyman I lose focus. I needed something that would combine the globetrotting adventure of being a journeyman with some clearly defined goals to work towards. That left me with one very obvious choice.

The Pentagon Challenge

This challenge is simple, straightforward, and brutal. Starting out unemployed with a Sunday League reputation, the goal is to all five continental club competitions. One man, no coaching badges, and a very empty mantle. The UEFA Champion’s League, AFC Champion’s League, CAF Champion’s League, CONCACAF Champion’s League, and the Copa¬†Libertadores await.

Extra Challenges and Goals

There are a few other things I wanted to do with this save to increase the enjoyment for both myself and the reader.

Most prominently, England will be loaded as view-only and will remain that way through the entire save. I have spent an embarrassingly large majority of my FM time in England. It’s safe, it’s familiar, and quite honestly it’s boring, at least as far as FM goes. It would be a safety net I don’t want myself to have.

I’m also going to do something I’ve never done before and I’m going to be using the “Use Fake Players and Names” database option. Partially because starting out at the bottom means by the time I get up to where all the big name players are they’ll be retired, and partially because as a long time fan of Brian Phillips’ Pro Vercelli series I see the potential for fun.

I will be tagging all my promising youth candidates throughout my career and I really would like to see if I could get a youth player I started training to win the Ballon d’Or.

The Setup


My poor computer.

I’ll most likely be adding/removing as I go. I want to have as many options as possible open for a first job, but will probably move some down to view-only at least after I get a job to speed things up a bit.

I’m going to be using the Hungary early preseason start date which is right at the beginning of June. From there, I’ll see what jobs are available and which ones will hire me. Which brings us right into the next section. Who exactly is going to embark on this daunting journey?

The Manager



Meet Werner Moncrief. He’s 27, he used to be mediocre in the Sunday League in his hometown of Furth, and for having absolutely no experience he’s a decent tactical coach and motivator for this level. The mission is to take over the (football) world. The tools are tactics, team talks, and a really outdated blonde fro.

Look out world, here we come.


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