FM16 Pentagon: Goodbye Cold Winds, Hello Warm Beaches



Cape Town AllStars
South African National First Division


Cape Town AllStars are a team playing in the second tier of South African football. They don’t have much information on the internet at all, but they were willing to give a job to an inexperienced and unemployed German managed living in Sweden. It still seemed like a step up from the Swedish fourth tier, so with the last bit of money from Assyriska BK it was off to the airport and on a plane to South Africa.


The team plays at the Athlone Stadium, which it shares with Santos FC. A 34,000 capacity stadium in Cape Town is an upgrade, even if we do share it. The atmosphere in there must truly be amazing when our average crowd of 710 screaming fans pack the stands. The echos might even be more intimidating to opposing teams than if the stands were full.


We’re in a pretty great place really. That this job was available is amazing. The only explanation I can think of is that the previous manager was doing Manuary and had facial hair as bad as mine.


What’s not to love about a job where your most talented employee is named Lucky Sithole? Lucky Morfou, known from now on as “Lucky Number Two”, is the teams leading scorer with 9 goals. There is one signing that I made before the January window closed, and that is defender Wendell Jakoet (listed but not pictured). Not a whole lot of depth or positional variety in the squad, but no shortage of talent to work with. There’s no reserve or youth squads to speak of.

Second place, five points off first, with thirteen matches left in the season is a better position than I could have wished for. If I can get a tactic thrown together in a hurry that the players have some sort of grasp on, we can be true promotion contenders.


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