FM16 Pentagon: The Winds of Change Blow Cold In Sweden


Good to see my prediction skill is higher than my coaching skills. An undefeated run through the last four matches saw us pick up eight points and finish seventh in the table. Picking up a win over the eventual champions Ytterby felt like a real accomplishment even though we only ended up mid table.


I figured I’d get straight to the bad news. There’s a very long offseason in this part of the world, and my ambitious German eyes began to wander. The sensationalist Swedish press launched a crusade against me, claiming that my “continued quest to find a new job” was the reason I got the sack. I put in one ambitious application for a position in the German third tier (didn’t even make the shortlist, by the way) and was fired instantly. There is still a disagreement on the exact meaning of “continued quest” and I’ve not been shy about saying so in the press. Personally, I’m suspicious that my decision to take part in Movember led to me appearing rather… untrustworthy looking to the board.


The next few weeks pass by with the speed of a wounded tortoise. Positions come up, applications go out, applications get ignored. Every now and then the phone will ring and my heart will jump into my throat. Every time so far it’s been the same journalist from asking me on a weekly basis if I’m upset about getting sacked still. No, sir, I’m quite glad that my decision to support a charity made me look like a convenience store thief and made me lose my job. After the third call, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, razor in hand.

“No sir, I’m not eager to leave. It’s only one application, and only then because it’s near my hometown.”

I didn’t believe me either.

Thankfully, November was over.


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