The Unknown Manager: An FM17 Pentagon Journey

I’ve been a long time away from FM, and even longer away from blogging. It seems like every blog I make starts this way. Here’s to breaking the cycle.

Welcome to my journey through Football Manager 17.

The Premise

This is going to be a journeyman type save with a Pentagon Challenge as sort of an overarching goal. That means we’re going to start off unemployed, with no badges and the lowest possible experience. Moving from league to league, country to country, we’ll build our reputation with the ultimate goal of winning all five of the major continental Champion’s League competitions. There’s no real rules I’m imposing on myself, other than to try to avoid England for as long as I can. It’s an overly familiar safety net, and it’s a place where a most of us have spent too much time. If it’s the best job on the table, I may reluctantly take it. We’ll just have to see what happens.

The best part of any journeyman save is that you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve had improbable cup wins with lower tier sides and shocking sackings with preseason favorites. There’s famous players getting old, world class regens, and one time a father two years younger than his son. The hair is great, the names are even better. Don’t even get me started about the sideburns.

Our Manager


Here’s the man for our journey, 28 year old American Carlton Sagan. To start off we have no coaching badges and the lowest possible experience, Sunday League Footballer. We’re going to focus more on the management side of things, with just enough coaching ability to draw the formations on a whiteboard. Our only real skill is total desperation and the willingness to work anywhere. A massive asset to any potential employer, clearly.

Before we find out which club will be blessed with our near superhuman talents, we’re going to spend a year on holiday. Not only is it great for reducing stress and clearing the mind, it’ll spice up the available jobs to skip a year and get a round of promotions and relegations in. Tune in next time to find out where the journey kicks off!


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