The Unknown Manager: Double Doubles Aren’t Just For Basketball


End of Season 2018-2019


The final table wasn’t close. I sent out a youth/reserve team in our final match again, and we they lost 1-2. We’ve improved from winning the league by a single point last year to twelve points this year. Our goal difference was fully double the next best club. 





A truly amazing season all around. Kane claims his second consecutive league Player of the Year award, and Philip Comnell is probably the least surprising Young Player of the Year ever. Annoyingly, I didn’t get a second Manager of the Year as it went to some nerd from Coleraine that lost four of their last five matches and lost the league by 12 points.



Our Under-18’s have done a double as well, making our domination near total.




Club hero Elliot Morris retired at the end of the season and is now our goalkeeping coach. He was solid for us during the first season, and as he’s stayed at the club basically his entire career I wanted to keep him around.


We’re moving up in the world.


I have to say we have some really good youth recruitment here. Most of these are regens. The future for Glentoran is looking very bright.


Looking bright in most areas, anyway. This is assistant manager Phillip Byrne, who has been invaluable in my success here. I’ve had the club send him on some coaching courses, and this is how he repays me.


Say what now? Don’t call me up at the end of the season asking me things like this without context, Mr. GPJ Lee.


This news article pops up a few days later. Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? My vote goes to the fantasy of a very untrustworthy ESPNFC reporter.

A resounding success. I’ve never had a team play that well defensively on any Football Manager in history. These two seasons have been supremely fun and I’m loving the game possibly as much as I ever did. Glentoran has definitely been added to the list of clubs I have a strong emotional attachment to solely due to FM. We’ve got another shot at the Champions League qualifying rounds next season, and it doesn’t seem hopeless after our showing this year. Just the one win gave us almost three quarters of a million pounds between the CL and EL. We’ve still got over 600K in the bank after paying for youth facility upgrades so another influx of European money will have us sitting very pretty.

Yet somehow, I feel like the upcoming season may be my last here in Belfast. The board laugh at the idea of becoming professional and I don’t even have the option to ask for increased scouting range. I’d like to see if we could maybe squeak a bit further in the Europa League with a lucky draw, but domestically I’m running out of things to play for. We ran away with the league this year, and our team’s average age is only 23. There’s a whole slew of young players coming through the pipeline that are projected to become significant improvements on the current starters. Assuming I don’t screw up the transfer window, we should be on a march to a third title in a row. The board agree, as the initial projections for next season offer no other option. The players all agreed too, at the end of season team meeting.

If there’s no chance of becoming professional, we’ll never really have a shot at getting anywhere in Europe. As we’ve seen with Craig Faulkner, if any of our prospects really start to develop, they’ll be off and we won’t have a chance of competing with those offers. I haven’t seen any further rumors regarding Cardiff or any other jobs so far, but I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open. My resume is already fairly impressive, and I’m sure I’d be able to find a job somewhere that’s at least fully professional. Tune in next time for a transfer/youth player special edition!


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