The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1


Catching You Up

It’s been a long while since I made an update. You might’ve noticed. I’ve touched on it before in posts on this blog (because this is what always happens to saves), but my anxiety got the best of me and so I stopped posting for a while. The main issue with this is that I continued to play the save in the meantime. The last blog post leaves off in February 2020, the current date in the save now is 21 July, 2025. What I’m going to attempt to do, over the course of several more “overview”-type posts, is catch the blog up to where the save is so that I can continue on. This has been one of my best FM saves ever, and for someone with over 1000 hours on each version since FM12, that includes a LOT of saves. My unbelievable success in my first job at Glentoran made me fall in love with the club as well as the save. ¬†Getting offered a Championship job as only the second of my career is certainly something I’ve never even come close to experiencing. Basically, I’ve enjoyed this save too much to not share it.

I’ve never done a retrospective-style post like this, so please bear with me. This is a story you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1”