The Football Manager 2018 Journeyman: Introduction


It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the tracksuit, slip the nice suit and tie into a travel bag, and make sure my passport is up to date. There’s a whole wide world of football out there, waiting for me to conquer it. Following in the footsteps of Bela Guttmann, the original football journeyman, I’ll be managing wherever, whenever, and however I please. Inspired by Guttmann and FM18’s increased focus on realism, I’ll be attempting to guide this journey with a more human touch. No more holding back from leaking a story to the press or walking away from an obstinate board for the sake of whats best for the game. Even the best managers in history let their emotions get the better of them from time to time, why should I be any different? 

The Specifics



To start with, I’ve loaded the largest database and the most leagues I’ve ever used for a save. All those leagues with a large database gives me over 120,000 players loaded. My computer is going to hate me, but this will be the most in-depth, wide ranging save I’ve ever played.

True to the journeyman formula, I’ll be starting off with no coaching badges and the lowest possible experience. I’ve allocated the precious few stat points this gives me into something I think is close to realistic. There’s no shortage of available jobs to choose from as of 26 June 2017, so the first step on my management journey shouldn’t be far.


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