The FM18 Journeyman: Movin’ On Up


Videoton FC
OTP Bank Liga


A short drive to the southeast found me at the Sostoi Stadium, my new home. A lot of things had changed since I first arrived in Hungary. I’d gone from unqualified failure to continentally licensed, league winning coach. I don’t think it would be a reach to say I was the hottest young coach in the country, having just taken the most lucrative job opening of the year. For the first time, all eyes were going to be firmly on me. Would I be able to continue to perform under this new pressure?

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The FM18 Journeyman: Word Travels Fast


Mosonmagyaróvári TE
Summer 2019

I love it when things just line up on their own. I had already started planning for life in the OTP Liga as soon as we broke away at the top of the table. The board, on the other hand, had been conspiring to trip me up at every possible opportunity. As thanks for delivering the club their best ever season and top flight football, I got a firm “no” to anything and everything. Increase wages for staff so we can actually fill our vacancies? No. Improve our training facilities to help the never-ending stream of injuries? No. Send my new assistant manager for a coaching badge since you wouldn’t pay the wages the old one wanted? No. Head, meet wall. Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: Word Travels Fast”

The FM18 Journeyman: Unprecedented


Mosonmagyaróvári TE
Winter Transfer Window 2018-2019


With things going as well as they are, it would be foolish to shake up the team in any major way. However, with Lady Injury always looming large right overhead I thought it would be wise to bring in some quality depth players. Zoltan Kodmon comes in to deputize Jovanovic on the left wing from our divisional rivals Gyor. Bence Pinter and Bence Pavkovics bring their matching first names to shore up the midfield three. Last but not least, Vladimir Ilic joins as a Russian mountain at the back. A relatively quiet January, but I’m pleased with all the new signings.  Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: Unprecedented”

The FM18 Journeyman: It’s Scary This High Up


Mosonmagyaróvári TE
Nemzeti Bajnokság II
August – December 2018



The table and fixture list are a better introduction than any written words would be. We’ve had a flying start to the new season so far, dropping points in only four of fifteen matches. While we’re only two points clear of second and third (and only four points above fourth), we do have a noticeably better goal difference to add just a little bit of comfort. Annoyingly, the scheduling computer did not hand us a match against either of the teams directly below us before the winter break. This means that there’s the potential for four or possibly five important six-pointers after the winter break. No pressure. Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: It’s Scary This High Up”

The FM18 Journeyman: Back in Business


Mosonmagyaróvári TE
Summer 2018

Last season made it clear that if we’re going to push on we need to make substantial changes. We finished above expectations largely due to Krisztian Hajos’ haul of goals. At the other end of the pitch, the defense had been disastrous. While the season ended with a nine match unbeaten run, we only kept three clean sheets between the winter break and the end of the season. We conceded at least one goal in all of our last fourteen matches. There will be no hope of promotion with a record like that. The other major issue has been depth. Major injuries have been frequent and it’s likely that several major players will spend a couple months on the sideline. In a lot of positions the drop in class is gigantic if our starter gets injured. That has to change if we want to push for the top of the table.  Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: Back in Business”