The FM18 Journeyman: I’m Feelin’ Hungary


Mosonmagyaróvári TE
Nemzeti Bajnokság II


 After the nightmare that was my Municipal Liberia career, I wanted to bounce straight back into another job. There were several interesting positions that were available but they were mostly far above my level. Mosonmagyarovari were the only club that initially made me a contract offer, and even agreed to a delay while I held out hoping for a better job offer. No better offer materialized, so I’m off to northwestern Hungary.

Mosonmagyarovari TE 1904 currently play in the Nemzeti Bajnoksag II, the second tier of professional Hungarian football. Founded in 1904 (clearly), there’s even less information floating around than Liberia had. I’m not quite sure if or when they’ve been in the first tier. I do know, however, that the town the club is based in has the highest ratio of dentists to citizens of any town in the world. Who needs league trophies when you have that?


Wittmann Antal Park

Depending on what source you consult, our home ground at Wittmann Antal Park has between 3,375 (FM18), to 4,000 (Hungarian football website). I kinda dig the swooping curved look over the covered stands and being tucked in the woods.

The Squad



The difference between here and Liberia is like night and day. The majority of the squad are in their early twenties as opposed to mid thirties, and I’m not even forced into one formation due to the player’s limitations! Roland Bohner is our vice captain and key player, and boy does he look good. Peter Karacs is the teams leading goalscorer prior to my arrival and I certainly hope he can continue knocking in some goals. Mate Molnar has been the best player during the first part of the season and I expect him to keep it up, seeing as his backup is 39.

Nemzeti Bajnokság II + Magyar Kupa
July – November 2017



The team’s had a mixed bag of a season so far. They started off rather rough but had managed a five match unbeaten run from mid-September to the end of October. It was at that point the previous manager inexplicably left to manage Bekescaba 1912 Elore, six places below us in 18th. Now managerless, the unbeaten run gave way to back to back losses before they hired an ambitious young American. I signed my contract on the 24th of November and took charge of the team the next day against BFC Slofok, guiding the team to a 1-0 win. Four days later we beat lower league opposition 2-0 in the Magyar Kupa. We’ll have a long gap now, with winter break starting following the cup match and lasting all the way until the next round of the cup on the 9th of February. That should give me a chance to get settled in and familiar with the new club, not to mention some excellent dental care.


I’m liking this club a lot more than Libera already. Sometimes you just can’t get settled at a club, and that’s what was happening with Libera regardless of the bad results. I’ve got a couple different tactics training and I feel optimistic for the future here, in the short term at least. I’ve agreed to aim for mid-table with the board, which shouldn’t be hard since we’re already there. Hopefully next time I can finally just do a normal post without getting hired or fired.


The FM18 Journeyman: Starting the Climb on the Wrong Foot


AD Municipal Liberia
Transfers and Preseason


I was able to bring in a few players in our positions of need despite the club’s limited resources. Kevin Perez was not one of those players, as his transfer was already arranged when I took the job. He looks like he could turn into a decent player and covers several positions.  Thiago Gomes comes in as an aging but still decent 3rd or possibly 2nd center back. I already had my eye on Vini when lead striker Solorzano went down for five to six months with a hip injury and we had to bring someone in right away. James Carvell comes all the way from England to join our reserves until we can free up one of our four foreign player slots. Finally, Jorge Gutierrez came in later in the window to provide depth on the left wing. Overall I’ve got to be pleased with the window, we’ve brought in players in basically every area we needed that should be able to perform at a decent level. Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: Starting the Climb on the Wrong Foot”

The FM18 Journeyman: The First Club – AD Municipal Liberia


AD Municipal Liberia


 After receiving offers from Luxembourg, Finland, and three clubs in England, I ended up taking the closest AND most lucrative job of the bunch at Municipal Liberia in Costa Rica. A £450/week salary was much higher than any of the others on offer and the club is fully professional as well. The media predict to finish firmly mid-table in 6th place out of 12, although in real life the club are rock bottom with a -34 goal differential as of my writing this. I certainly hope I can elicit better performances than that if I want to start my career on a good note.  Continue reading “The FM18 Journeyman: The First Club – AD Municipal Liberia”

The Football Manager 2018 Journeyman: Introduction


It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the tracksuit, slip the nice suit and tie into a travel bag, and make sure my passport is up to date. There’s a whole wide world of football out there, waiting for me to conquer it. Following in the footsteps of Bela Guttmann, the original football journeyman, I’ll be managing wherever, whenever, and however I please. Inspired by Guttmann and FM18’s increased focus on realism, I’ll be attempting to guide this journey with a more human touch. No more holding back from leaking a story to the press or walking away from an obstinate board for the sake of whats best for the game. Even the best managers in history let their emotions get the better of them from time to time, why should I be any different?  Continue reading “The Football Manager 2018 Journeyman: Introduction”

The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1


Catching You Up

It’s been a long while since I made an update. You might’ve noticed. I’ve touched on it before in posts on this blog (because this is what always happens to saves), but my anxiety got the best of me and so I stopped posting for a while. The main issue with this is that I continued to play the save in the meantime. The last blog post leaves off in February 2020, the current date in the save now is 21 July, 2025. What I’m going to attempt to do, over the course of several more “overview”-type posts, is catch the blog up to where the save is so that I can continue on. This has been one of my best FM saves ever, and for someone with over 1000 hours on each version since FM12, that includes a LOT of saves. My unbelievable success in my first job at Glentoran made me fall in love with the club as well as the save.  Getting offered a Championship job as only the second of my career is certainly something I’ve never even come close to experiencing. Basically, I’ve enjoyed this save too much to not share it.

I’ve never done a retrospective-style post like this, so please bear with me. This is a story you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1”

The Unknown Manager: Life as a Villain


Aston Villa Football Club
Sky Bet Championship


This was a chance that was just too good to pass up. Aston Villa have been hanging around mid table in the Championship ever since their relegation in 2015/2016. This season has been different and at the turn of the year Villa have found themselves dead in the middle of a relegation battle. This is where I come in. I’ve proved I can slug it out at the top of a table, now to show the world I can pull it together at the other end. I’ve been given a one and a half year contract, although if I can’t keep them up I’m not sure I’ll be around next season. An eight hour drive/ferry ride/expedition through Wales finds me at Villa Park ready to take on my new role. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Life as a Villain”

The Unknown Manager: Distracted Driving


I’m not going to lie. I’ve had one eye on the exit door since the day after we won the title. I haven’t been half-assing it with the team. The transfer window should be evidence enough of that. I can’t help but feel like I’ve done all I can here. Last season, despite our previous double, we were only projected as 5th. This season the media and the bookies have us as clear favorites. The team that dominated last year has only been made stronger still. Stomping to a double every year is nice, but the board are hopeless to work with and going professional is forever out of reach. I’ve grown to love this club dearly, but my career is destined for more than it can offer. This will be my last season at Glentoran FC, but I don’t know when I’ll leave yet.

Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Distracted Driving”

The Unknown Manager: I Am Become Chelsea


The Transfer Window

How does a semi-professional club approach the offseason after back to back league titles? We can’t scout anywhere outside the country, so our transfer choices are rather limited. There are a fair few star players in the side already, and we’ve got over 200k and 1.5k p/w to work with. I’ve had my eye on a few players to strengthen some key areas, but overall this is a strong squad already. Let’s see how the window went.  Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: I Am Become Chelsea”

The Unknown Manager: Double Doubles Aren’t Just For Basketball


End of Season 2018-2019


The final table wasn’t close. I sent out a youth/reserve team in our final match again, and we they lost 1-2. We’ve improved from winning the league by a single point last year to twelve points this year. Our goal difference was fully double the next best club.  Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Double Doubles Aren’t Just For Basketball”