The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1


Catching You Up

It’s been a long while since I made an update. You might’ve noticed. I’ve touched on it before in posts on this blog (because this is what always happens to saves), but my anxiety got the best of me and so I stopped posting for a while. The main issue with this is that I continued to play the save in the meantime. The last blog post leaves off in February 2020, the current date in the save now is 21 July, 2025. What I’m going to attempt to do, over the course of several more “overview”-type posts, is catch the blog up to where the save is so that I can continue on. This has been one of my best FM saves ever, and for someone with over 1000 hours on each version since FM12, that includes a LOT of saves. My unbelievable success in my first job at Glentoran made me fall in love with the club as well as the save.  Getting offered a Championship job as only the second of my career is certainly something I’ve never even come close to experiencing. Basically, I’ve enjoyed this save too much to not share it.

I’ve never done a retrospective-style post like this, so please bear with me. This is a story you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Catching You Up, Pt. 1”


The Unknown Manager: Life as a Villain


Aston Villa Football Club
Sky Bet Championship


This was a chance that was just too good to pass up. Aston Villa have been hanging around mid table in the Championship ever since their relegation in 2015/2016. This season has been different and at the turn of the year Villa have found themselves dead in the middle of a relegation battle. This is where I come in. I’ve proved I can slug it out at the top of a table, now to show the world I can pull it together at the other end. I’ve been given a one and a half year contract, although if I can’t keep them up I’m not sure I’ll be around next season. An eight hour drive/ferry ride/expedition through Wales finds me at Villa Park ready to take on my new role. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Life as a Villain”

The Unknown Manager: Distracted Driving


I’m not going to lie. I’ve had one eye on the exit door since the day after we won the title. I haven’t been half-assing it with the team. The transfer window should be evidence enough of that. I can’t help but feel like I’ve done all I can here. Last season, despite our previous double, we were only projected as 5th. This season the media and the bookies have us as clear favorites. The team that dominated last year has only been made stronger still. Stomping to a double every year is nice, but the board are hopeless to work with and going professional is forever out of reach. I’ve grown to love this club dearly, but my career is destined for more than it can offer. This will be my last season at Glentoran FC, but I don’t know when I’ll leave yet.

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The Unknown Manager: I Am Become Chelsea


The Transfer Window

How does a semi-professional club approach the offseason after back to back league titles? We can’t scout anywhere outside the country, so our transfer choices are rather limited. There are a fair few star players in the side already, and we’ve got over 200k and 1.5k p/w to work with. I’ve had my eye on a few players to strengthen some key areas, but overall this is a strong squad already. Let’s see how the window went.  Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: I Am Become Chelsea”

The Unknown Manager: Double Doubles Aren’t Just For Basketball


End of Season 2018-2019


The final table wasn’t close. I sent out a youth/reserve team in our final match again, and we they lost 1-2. We’ve improved from winning the league by a single point last year to twelve points this year. Our goal difference was fully double the next best club.  Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Double Doubles Aren’t Just For Basketball”

The Unknown Manager: Five Games To Glory


Championship Group – The Final Five Matches



The final five matches of the season in Northern Ireland take place after the league splits in half. Each team in the top half plays each other once, and same for the bottom half. Three of our five are away, with Crusaders and Coleraine having a history of giving us trouble on their own grounds. As far as the table goes, it’s down to a two horse race as we enter the split; we can’t finish lower than second. Ten points guarantees the title for us regardless of Coleraine’s results.I feel like the league has scheduled this for maximum drama, as the chance for us to get the tenth point and secure the title is in fact the match against second place. They want a show? Let’s give ’em a show. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: Five Games To Glory”

The Unknown Manager: I’ve Gone Too Far In Quite A Few Places


You know you’ve got a good save going when you’re so into it you totally blow by the stopping point you’d pick to make the next post. It started off with “Well, the Champions League starts right during pre-season, so I’ll just go past these matches…” and now we’re at the start of the January window. I may have to split this into two posts. Times they are a-changing. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: I’ve Gone Too Far In Quite A Few Places”

The Unknown Manager: To All The Clubs That Laughed Me Off


Danske Bank Premier League
April 21, 2018

Here we are. Linfield have come to the Oval for our fourth meeting of the season. They’ve brought over 1,200 supporters with them, helping to set our season high attendance of nearly 4,700. There’s a light drizzle falling as the players take the pitch. All we need is a draw to secure our first league championship since 2009. We fought the first half of the season to keep up with Linfield as jump them in the table and the second half to stay ahead of them. The season series stands at two wins for us and a draw. It’s time. Continue reading “The Unknown Manager: To All The Clubs That Laughed Me Off”